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What do you boards say about you?

So based on what I’ve said above and if you’ve had a chance to look through my Pinterest boards, you might see that I’ve got quite the number of boards and to the outsider, it COULD be overwhelming. Thankfully for me, I”m not an outsider and when I first found Pinterest, I think a whole new world was born- I realized that was how much brain worked! Everything in my brain is on a “board” and separated and that’s just how it works so boy, was I excited when I found this site! As you can see, the reason I keep going back each day is that it’s full of creativity which I always want and ever since I found it, I’ve been using it in quite a few different ways than others might have thought of. Here’s my thoughts on how to use it not to just “use” it but to benefit me….because isn’t that how it’s meant to be used?

I figured out this month that if you put quotes around a board title, it will put it at the top of your list when you go to pin something onto a board. I’m using this to my advantage because I have a board labeled “Menu” which is the menu of food and links that I’ll use for dinners this week. Once I get to the end of the week, I transfer the pin to one of 2-3 boards. If we loved it and I’ll plan to use it in the future on a regular basis, then I edit it and move it to the board labeled Recipes-Permanent Menu. This is so I can go back to that board at any time and know that we loved the recipes there and that I can pick one and it’ll be a great dinner. I try to pick different recipes each week so this board is important if my creative juices aren’t flowing. If I didn’t make the recipe for some reason, it gets moved back to the Recipes-Healthy board where I got it from so I can use it another week. If I want to try to make it again that week, I just leave it on the Menu board. If I made the meal and it was good but not our favorite, then I’ll move it to the “I’ve Tried This” board so that I can go back at any time to find a recipe that someone else might like and that I’ve tried and maybe change it to make it something we would like again. All of this is kind of confusing to most people, but it’s the way my brain works and helps me to keep myself organized.

Of course there’s more boards on here aside from just stuff for dinner. My FAVORITE board is the Recipes-Need To Relove. It’s my way of saying it’s not healthy at all, but that I’d like to try it for a family get together or maybe find a way to make it healthier so I could try it in the future. These are pins that show some of my creativity through food, but that I can’t use on a regular basis. Many of these are amazing looking foods and desserts that I hope to try in the future.

It’s all a little overhwelming so if you got this far, CONGRATS! Have a great day! What do your pinterest boards say about you?


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