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Keep an eye out for all the beautiful cakes I create- I never post pictures before the ordering friend or family gets to see it but I’ll make sure to post after it’s been delivered for all to see. Make sure to check out my Baking Adventures album on Facebook to see some of the past cakes I’ve done. I’m working on getting more of those pictures posted on here as well but it’ll give you a guideline of what I’ve done in the past.

Of course it doesn’t always have to focus on cakes- I’ll be sharing all sorts of cupcakes and homemade goodies that I’ve made that have been loved by family and friends alike- I’ve amassed quite the list in the last few years! What’s your favorite?


So since it’s been a little while since I posted, here’s what I’ve been up to and hopefully you’ll understand why it’s been awhile! I’ve been a busy, busy baker!

Berried Butterfly Cake

Berried Butterfly Cake

I made this one for a friend’s birthday!

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Real Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes with Real Snickerdoodle Cookies….My dad is a HUGE snickerdoodle cookie fan and when I saw a version of these cookies online I just knew I had to make them. I took my normal recipe, added lots of cinnamon and sugar for that snickerdoodle taste, frosted them with cinnamon sugar icing and stuck a homemade snickerdoodle cookie on top. Everyone loved them and the cookies got nice and soft- something I wasn’t planning on but they almost melted in your mouth which just made them even more DELECTABLE! These were for Father’s Day.

Starcraft Nexxus with Minerals

Starcraft Nexxus with Minerals- For those that have no idea what this is…..well, that’s probably most of you- it’s from StarCraft the computer game. My Dear Hubby plays it with my brother in laws and I made this for my brother in law’s birthday. He’s not a sweets type person but loved the design of the cake.



I made this just a week ago for my niece’s birthday party- one of two. She turned 6 this year so she got a giant 6 cake for everyone else to chow into and this one for her to eat parts of. The skirt is cake but the rest is fondant or rice krispies. It was alot of work but I know she loved it! Everything was Princess/Hello Kitty for her party so this was actually the Princess Hello Kitty from her movie- you knew this particular one existed right? Me to (haha, no not really)


For my Dear Hubby’s birthday, of course he gets a special one. He rides a high power scooter to and from work and it’s his one true love (after God and me, of course) so I had to make him a scooter cake. He knew what it was so that’s what mattered- especially since I could never tell what all the parts were or how to make them or anything. He took this into work to share with the guys. They didn’t know what it was so I didn’t feel too badly that I didn’t even know and I’m the one that made it!






Dear Hubby with his Scooter cake and the actual Scooter….see a resemblance?



The other of my Dear Hubby’s cakes- I made this one to take to Red Lobster where we ate for his birthday dinner with his family. The top is a white outline of a scooter- hint hint….it’s riding from left to right…can you see it? He loves peanut butter and is definitely the chocoholic between the two of us so it’s his Mem’s/Grandmother’s favorite black joe cake with peanut butter icing recipes and covered in peanut butter and chocolate candies on sides and top. He gave it two thumb’s up!



This was my niece’s other cake for her 6th birthday. It went with the Hello Kitty cake- not sure why it got put down here in the line up but here it is anyway! I love the idea of a giant 6 with all the little 6’s on it. It was definitely enough to feed everyone though!



This was something I made for a local fair and won 2nd place! It’s a 6″ cake, smoothly covered in fondant and piped flowers with royal icing then I used a brush to pull the colors from the outside outline to the inside of the flower- it’s called brush embroidery, but I do embroidery and that’s not really what it is. I still think it’s beautiful and simple and it was alot of fun to try a new technique. I’ll have to keep this technique in my back pocket for when I need to really have a show stopper!


Party Time Cupcake Toppers- Chocolate Decorations

Party Time Cupcake Toppers- Chocolate Decorations- These were made for a family party and since there was no real theme, I made the chocolate toppers to give them a little prettier twist.


End of Summer cupcakes- Between the sunny, happy smiles on the Sun cupcakes to the teddy bears lounging in the pool inner tubes with the umbrellas- this SCREAMS end of summer and they were a huge hit at my friend’s party for her daughter’s friends from school last week.


This one is my most recent and one of my prides and joys from the last week of cakes. My family decided to throw a big August bash since we have 5 birthdays in August and it just happened to be on my actual birthday. Well, no one made a cake for me but I got to make my niece’s cake for her first birthday and since she loves books- I chose one that is a love of all children- The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The smiley face was her smash cake and the cupcakes to the left in a line were the body then the ones in the back were resembling each of the days of what he at. On the first day of the book he was an egg. The first day that he ate, he finished off one apple. The second day he had 2 pears. The third day, 3 plums, the fourth day four strawberries, the fifth day 5 oranges and the sixth day he ate a whole smorgasborg- a lollipop, cupcake, piece of cheese, and pickle among other things. Each day that he ate is shown on a cupcake behind him. It was so cute, but of course she loved the smash cake and tons of sugar more than anything! It was so cute!

I hope you enjoyed a brief overview of what I was working on recently. We just bought a house last week and will be moving the end of October/November so the cakes might die off for a little while- or at least posting them here. I might still be making them, but they will be posted at a later time. Until then….enjoy!



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