So we all know how busy we can get and it’s easy to let exercise fall to the way side. I am on a business trip with Mr. Techie in Virginia and am spending my time catching up on my reading and only a few favorite TV shows since I have a to-do list of things I want to catch up on in terms of my reading. Anyway, I got to the point of my day when I’m a little restless staying in the hotel room by myself and there is literally nothing around us except some fast food restaurants and a huge 4 lane highway so I can’t really walk anywhere to get some exercise without looking like a hitchhiker waiting to be picked up. 


Sooo, I decided to do a little exercise routine in my hotel room and by searching Pinterest, I found quite a few ideas and suggestions…..given that you don’t have weights and specific equipment in a hotel room normally and that we don’t have a gym in our motel, it’s best to do as many of each exercise in the best form with as little rest as possible.


First- body weight squats with pulses……after doing as many squats as possible in good form, on the last squat stay in the squat position and pulse gently in that position for as many reps as you did all of your squats in. For example- 24 squats would mean 24 reps of gentle pulses on the last squat before standing up straight again. You can do it!

Second- Bulgarian Lunges- with the top of one of your legs balancing behind you on a chair, do a lunge motion on your leg that is standing in front of the chair. Make sure your chair doesn’t have wheels or prevent it from moving by positioning it between a wall and chair or something in the room. Switch feet and do the same number of reps with the other leg as well…’ll be feeling it by the time you’re done for sure!


Third- Tricep Dips with Lifted Leg- while sitting on a non-moving chair for safety, place both arms on either side of chair seat and lift right leg until straight out. Put all of your body weight on your arms and left leg and dip your body in front of the chair by doing a push-up type move with your arms on the chair. This is another one that you need to have a non-wheeled chair or have someplace to put the chair against so it doesn’t move. It could also work on the edge of the bed.


Fourth- Push ups on the bed or on a stable chair, desk or sink ledge. With arms at shoulder width apart and feet together and at an angle  with your feet behind you, do push ups by using your body weight to move your arms up and down on the surface. 


Fifth- Squat Jumps- With feet shoulder length apart, squat down in good form then go straight into a jump up as high as you can. Continue squatting and jumping to raise your heart rate.


Other Cardio Options- Jump ropes can be done outside in the parking lot, running up stairs if there is a second floor to your hotel, jumping up and down on one step either in the parking lot or on a step in the staircase. 

Keep in mind it’s easy to take a 2-3 pound weight in your suitcase to do simple weight exercises for your arms and you can even take ankle weights to do leg exercises or even to add resistance to some of the exercises listed above. Good luck! It’s so easy to keep in shape on vacation but also don’t forget it’s not all about the exercising, it’s the food intake as well!


Don’t forget to cool down!