Well, growing up in Lancaster PA, I always heard that to make pies you have to make your own pie crust. At least that’s what my grandmother’s and other ladies in my life always told me. Unfortunately, I also heard the horror stories of making them and how hard they are.

We watch alot of the food network and I’ve seen the chefs make their own crusts and it didn’t seem to hard but based on the horror stories….well, I never wanted to press my luck!


Wellll….I guess the time arrived and it’s for sure something that I actually didn’t mind doing. I wanted to make a cherry pie for dinner at my brother’s on Thursday since he’s not a cake person, but the store didn’t have cherries or pie filling so I got apple pie filling instead. I know I should have made my own- maybe next time. We’re heading to Virginia for Mr. Techie’s work and will only be back on Thursday so I had other things on my mind to do instead of making my own pie filling. I’ve done it before so I figured one time of using a can wasn’t going to kill me….or anyone else for that matter!


So I used the generic recipe that I found online for a pie crust and here’s what I came up with…..


2 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

2 sticks butter, chunked and cold from fridge

1/4 cup ice cold water, or as much as needed


I started by putting the flour and salt into the food processor and thanks to my birthday last year, I have a giant bowled food processor so I knew it could handle all of this. The whole recipe makes 2 crusts so if you only want one or your bowl isn’t big enough, just try splitting it in half. I’ve never done it, but assume it would work. I might have to mess around with that at a later date. Anywho, I pulsed the flour and salt for about 10 seconds then added all the chunked cold butter and whirred it up until it was incorporated- there was still a combination of chunky butter/flour goodness and some areas of just plain flour with little pieces of butter. That’s what you’re looking for! With the processor going, slowly drizzle the ice cold water in a little at a time until it becomes a ball- not sticky like pizza dough…just enough to be able to squish it all together afterwards. Definitely don’t process more than 30 seconds here. I added too much water at first so I just added some more flour, processed for 5-10 seconds and checked to make sure it wasn’t gummy anymore. Overall, I made sure not to process more than the 30 seconds though. Dump it out onto a slightly floured surface and squish all together then break into 2 pieces, shape into 2 discs and store in saran wrap in fridge for 1 hour.


Once cooled completely, take out one disc, roll out in some flour and use the rolling pin to help move it to the pie pan. Make sure to cut around the edge of the pie pan to cut off the extras- i used these on top of the filling for a criss cross pattern.I didn’t need to spray the pie pan or anything and just poked the bottom with a fork then stuck it in the oven for 10-15 minutes to cook the bottom. Once I added the filling then I used the extra crust pieces from cutting off around the edges of the pie before baking, made a large criss cross pattern and sprinkled sugar on top of the whole pie. I stuck it in the fridge then baked it to cook to top criss cross, warm the filling and make it all ooey, gooey. I’ll be sure to post pictures when I serve it Thursday night after dinner! Until then, ta ta!